No power to motors

Hi everybody,
Done all of my installation procedures and everything seems to be where it is supposed to be. When I boot up Mach 3 I dont get the prompt screen to select my RnR motion controller though. I cant jog, or use the run-in program, and I have a feeling it has to do with this. Ive reinstalled everything a few times, with the same issues. The electronics board is sending (red light going off everytime I try to jog, yet nothing moves. Kinda stumped right now, yet I have a feeling its a simple fix that Im not seeing. Thanks in advance.

When you power up the machine, do you get a buzzing noise out of the motors?

No. Dont hear the motors at all

Typically that means the power supply is faulty. This has happened a few times now and we believe it’s caused by UPS drop/shock loads since they are tested before leaving our shop. Can you disconnect power and remove the cover to make sure that the power wires are connected to the power supply (shiny silver box). If they are, we will send you a new one ASAP.

Wires are all where they should be.

Slight impact mark in lower left section, not sure if that helps