No pilot arc razor cut 45 (Solved)

I used the table last saturday with no issue. Went to use it today and torch air flow will come on but no pilot arc either with fire control or manually. Tried new consumables with same result airflow comes on but no pilot arc, results are the same on both 2 and 4T settings. Is there possibly an internal breaker thats been tripped the break down in the owners manual is somewhat vague. I found similar issues in the forum but nothing that leads me the right direction.
Thanks, Joe

Check your air pressure. The pressure has to be high enough to blow back the electrode to initiate the pilot arc. If it’s too low, it will just blow air.


Just checked, and that was the issue. Thank you. Some how my pressure got turned down to around 50 psi. Turned it back up and it fired off no problem.

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What PSI are you running?