No movement in any axis


I resonantly completed assembly of my crossfire pro and I tried to run the initial break in program and link my machine up to fire control and had zero movement. I opened the electronics enclosure to see if anything out of the ordinary like pinched wires or disconnected wires. from when mounting the box to the frame of the machine. I found the following two lights " D1 and D2" blinking and I am not sure if this is a indication of a issue or faulty hardware.

before we get into the electronics enclosure…
when you opened Firecontrol on your computer…did the top 2 right hand connection indicators light up…to say you have connection with the table?

Yes, the machine linked up to fire control and was lit up green and said connected to “machine: crossfire pro “

there’s a switch on the power supply that says 120v/240v. make sure its on 120v. if you need to switch it do it with the power off.

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I had a similar issue when following the instructions for assembly. When I moved the axis manually with fircontrol the x and y position numbers would move as if I was moving the left or right or forward and back but the nothing was physically moving. The solution was switching the power supply back to 110v instead of 220v(I was using 110v plug). As soon as I did that, I had full movement.