No manual torch fire, but I do get the relay click *SOLVED*

I have a brand new pro machine with a razorweld 45, machine torch, and THC. THC is connecting fine in Firecontrol, I have air pressure, ground clamp is on the work piece itself (grinded to bare steel).

I am having a hard time getting it to fire when trying to manually perform a test fire. Reading through some other forums I did see a potential of how I had the torch mounted may have been my issue so I did flip the torch mount upside down so the clamps only ride against the body of the torch. I also took the shield and tip out to make sure the electrode was able to move freely (it is).

THC wiring: from the right port of the plasma, it goes to the input DIV port of the VIM, then a cable from the output DIV to the electronics enclosure (THC port). I have tried both the right and left ports on the plasma and same results on both. Although it seems like plugging into the right side, it doesn’t seem to seat as far into the plasma. It snaps in past the locking tabs but seems like it goes in about .25" less.

All I seem to get when i try to test fire is a click from the relay. Not really sure what else to try or test, if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears!

Thanks in advance!!

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Do you have anything plugged in to the “torch on/off” port on the electronics enclosure?

One of the ports on the front of the plasma goes to the DIV input on the VIM box, as you described. The other port on the front of the plasma gets connected to the “torch on/off” port on the electronics enclosure.

The THC connection in Firecontrol has zero to do with the wires from the plasma to the control box. It only means that the computer is connected to the THC chip on the control board through the USB cable. The fact that it shows as connected, does not indicate that the wire is plugged into the correct port.


Alright, I’m an idiot… Although it did plug into that port really tight. It is working flawlessly now.

I could tell this Langmuir forum community was extremely good and helpful, you guys just proved that once again.

Thanks soo much!!


Good job, David.