No Back Button on Forum?

I look on the Forum Mostly from a IPhone. Am i the only one that has to start over to go to the main Forum Page? Is there a back button I’m not seeing?

The back button in your mobile browser should work. The bottom left of the screen if you’re using mobile Safari, Top left if you’re using Chrome.

If this is a problem for a few people, we can work on a solution for it.


Having the path (breadcrumbs) from a current location at the top of the forum/wiki/bulletin board page is useful for navigating back to main topics quickly. It’s built into most of these software packages already.


I guess this would be the mobile version but i do not have a back button

Does your phone have one that is part of the OS itself? I don’t have an iphone but on Android there are “soft keys” on the bottom - one is back, one is home and one will display all open apps.

Since iphones are supposed to be intuitive and gesture based, I’d hazard a guess that a right swipe with your finger would do the trick if there are no equivalents to Android’s soft keys.

It only has the center home Buttom. But I’ve tried swiping all ways. I’ll jus continue to go from the start it’s not that big of a deal i guess

Can you use Chrome on iOS? I Googled and there’s some noise about IOS 11 & Safari being problematic for Discourse (the software that’s running this forum).