Newby From Charlotte Co. Florida

Just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Cory and have just bought a PRo on July 9th 21.
Hope to be spending some time getting to know the software before the unit arrives hopefully sometime Aug-Sept ish. Been lurking around learning all the trials and tribulations to be ready for. (if one can truely be ready) Been a motorcycle and classic muscle car tinkerer most of my life. Thought this may bring my hobbies to the next level. Also like graphic arts so maybe some type of garage art in my future. Seems to be alot of good support from the members and the staff. That was a BIG selling point for me. As things move forward I hope I may contribute anything I learn to those who may want it.

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Definitely. If you have any questions, just ask - lots of folks willing to help.

welcome…be patient…always have some beverage of choice on hand when getting frustrated…soon the fun will outweigh the problems…