Newbie with miller 625

I’m a newbie still waiting on my Pro. Just wanted to know of any experience and expected problems running a Miller 625 with the Pro. Thanks for all advice or just a reach out.

Congrats on ordering the pro, I don’t have a pro, just a XL but the 625 ex has been working fine, I have cut plenty of stock with it and it performs very well.
I would rather have a Hypotherm for machine cutting but it gets the job done.
One tip, use the 40 amp tips for just about everything up to 18 ga, the 30 amp tips blow out easier and gums up quicker, with your Torch height control you may find it different.
The 625 regulates the air pressure for you, as long as your feeding it 90+ psi with good dry air it will work great.
Good luck!

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Thank for the little pointers. Looking forward to receiving my system soon