Newbie to the CNC Plasma world!

My name is Dwayne, I’m from NC. Ordered the Pro about 1 week ago and paired ot with the Everlast 82i with CNC Package. Very little experience with CNC Plasma. At work we just received our table it is a Spark Robotics XR-84 with the Hypertherm powermax 105 sync. Been browsing around trying to learn as much as i can. Hope you all have a great day!


Welcome to the group

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welcome to the group…
I run a pro table with an Everlast 62i with machine torch…

a few things to mention about Everlasts…

I do not trust the divided voltage or raw voltage pins on the back.
I went right to the lugs inside the machine…and this does not void the warranty…you can fine pictures by searching my name or everlast 62i

everlast consumables…I buy from the supplier…never had issues…but I know people who buy off different off-shore suppliers and burn them out quickly or waste metal…

Also…dry…dry…dry air…I was running 300 pierces a the start of my cnc time…now with a really dry air system I am getting close to 1000 pierces…

and lastly…run post flow air a minimum 30 seconds always…or you risk warping the head.


Welcome. Always nice to have more join the group and share our love of learning and enjoying the possibilities of this wonderful device. Who could have guessed this system would be available for the common hobbyist 15 years ago. I was still exited about buying a better cordless drill or nail gun back then.


Welcome to the forum! Where are you in NC? I’m central, in Pittsboro.

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West of Hickory.