Newbie Question,Consumables

Hey Guys

New crossfire user.Using 2x2 Table with X45 Torch.What consumables should I be expecting to need.

I live in Canada and want to have what I need on hand so I don’t need to keep making a bunch of small orders while I am learning.

Let me now what you guys think

What are you planning on cutting? signs like 16ga or more heavy duty items like car parts in thicker material. this will be helpful information for others that run a X45 torch

Hand torch or machine?

Anything from 16 ga sheet metal up to 1/8” plate for the most part.Signs and art pieces.Maybe the odd small piece with 1/4” or 3/8” plate for car parts,brackets and suspension tabs

All cuts would be with the CNC,no hand cutting.

Both the hand torch and machine torch use the same consumables. You can get them from Langmuir. X45 Torch (Hand & Machine) Consumables – Langmuir Systems

They are also identical to/ interchangeable with the Hypertherm T45 (old style powermax 45, not the XP) style consumables.

Hey Bill

I was looking at the items available in the Langmuir store I believe there was 5 pieces.Should I be ordering all 5 components or are the only a few pieces that will need replacement after I use it for a while

I have very minimal plasma cutter experience,certainly not enough that I every had to worry about torch maintenance.

This is will last you a little while. Spend a night reading other postings on Moisture issues. I would recommend at least a moisture trap, then motorguard M60 filter, and Tru-flate dessicant filter. Some people really build some extravagant systems. You’ll have issues if you don’t have something. It’s tough at first getting going but stick with it. it gets much easier the more you cut and do.

When I stocked up I ordered 5 nozzles, 5 electrodes, 2 shields, and one extra swirl ring. I got the Hypertherm T45 ones from Baker Gas because at the time Langmuir was out of stock. They have worked flawlessly.


I get all my consumables from George here in the forum. He can tell you exactly what you need.
He will probably respond soon. @mechanic416


+1 on what Knick says, George is the goto guy for consumables.

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