Newbie List of?

In a few weeks my Crossfire will be showing up and I have read enough to know the process of getting to the filling orders from customers will take a bit of time. However, I am trying to use these weeks before she shows up to get a head of the game as much as possible so the learning curve isnt so steep.

Ill be using SolidWorks/CAM to design and post process. Ill be using a Longevity 40D plasma cutter. I ordered the THC. Most of my work will be for wall signs (16ga metal).

I m pretty thorough in SW but not so much CAM so Im spending time as we speak getting into that.

Do I need Mach III?

Will I need to do any wiring in my plasma cutter?

Where should my focus be during this waiting period?

Do my projects need to be in svg or g-code before sending to Fire Control?

Thats it for now. I appreciate your help

No, Firecontrol ( unless you purchased a legacy crossfire)

Your software workflow.

G code *.tap or *.nc

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Thank You TinWhisperer,

The Longevity 40D is listed as a compatible plasma cutter

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I just was looking at that. My mistake . I thought it was the 50d . I’ll edit my original post

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I don’t think there is a FireControl post processor for Soildworks. You may need to do your CAM elsewhere, like SheetCam.

Solidworks has a CAM post processor that seems to do the job…i think. Everything is dependent on having the table. So im just educating myself the best i can right now.

FireControl has unique G-Codes and requires a certain sequence for the IHS & THC control. If you can modify an existing PP to do those then you’re good to go. However, the codes are not documented anywhere (as far as I know), but easily deciphered if you look at existing tap files.