Newbie in Eastern PA

Hi, my name is John, I live in Berks County near Reading, PA. Looking to order my Crossfire XL soon. Of course, I have a millions questions just starting up my hobby officially. I intend to retire from my primary job within the next 12 months and want my hobby ready to go. Is there anyone in eastern PA using a Langmuir system? Could you provide any insight in starting up? I’m looking to do metal art, signs in my free time. I would be willing to travel to your area to view your setup and garner any information that would be helpful!

Welcome to the group and let the fun begin!
Lots of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable folk around here! …you’re in the right place. That said, the little magnifying glass icon top right of your screen is your friend also. :rofl:

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welcome to the fun of CNC and the forum.

now if you excuse me I have to send @Cletus some insulting emails for posting in the forum with my standard response… that rascal rabbit…

hahahahah! :rofl:

welcome. I just got my machine last week and couldnt be happier its a very well put together machine. takes a little time to assemble put its quality parts. im in pa but by pittsburgh but always here for questions if i can help