newbie I am Hieu from Vietnam I am using google translate

Hello I come from Vietnam
Looking forward to exchanging learning

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Hello Hieu!.. Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you find everything you’re looking for. This is a great community that usually is very responsive and informative.


Jow Un! , Spelling probably not right , but I tried . Nice to meet you ! Welcome . I am from Kansas . I am so happy to see new owners from all over the world ! I just got back from S. Korea on vacation . I love Asia and hopefully get to do a 3 stop next time to Vietnam,Thailand,HongKong while staying in Korea. Join the Langmuir Facebook group . There is a lot in there to help you . I myself is still learning and a lot more to learn.

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I am researching a plasma cutter and plan to buy it next year
Do you have a document about it?
Hope everybody help please.
Thanks so much.