Newbie from Washington State

Hello all and good day,
My name is Scott and have been a Auto technician for the past 35 years,in the past 5 years I have been fascinated by motion control and have built a cnc router and also have a 3d printer now it time to play with metal.
I have been browsing this forum for about a month now and finally decided to sign up. I have been researching tables for some time and have decided that the pro is the table for me. Now just need to convince the wife :yum:. I have a line on a thermal dynamics A80 would this be a good unit for the pro ? I see it’s not on the approved list but there so many machines. Any input would be appreciated

Thanks and happy cutting

What part of Washington are you in? I live in montesano

i am in Snohomish

Yo, welcome. I’m in Spokane… Send wife to etsy to look at metal art projects you can make her, or $ for her… :heart_eyes:

Great idea i will do that.