Newb torch on off help [SOLVED]

I am new to cnc but not new to shop life. Bought the small crossfire with the extension arm and the razor weld 45… I do not have thc yet. I have read the forums thoroughly but am not finding an answer.

I can manually start stop the torch with firecontrol, I have a tool mapping that looks correct;

However for the life of me can not figure out why the start stop does not work as expected every time. You can see in the image where the cut just does not stop and moves to the next cut. I can see the m3 and m5 in the code for each cut, what am I missing?

Verify your cutter is set to 2T mode


Make sure the light with one arrow up and one down is lit for 2t mode. The one with points on both ends of the arrows is 4t mode and will cause the issue you are having.


Bahhhh I was dyslexic and read the settings wrong ! Thank you!