Newb from Oklahoma

New guy from North Central Oklahoma.

I can’t remember how I found the name or link to the Crossfire table but it looked interesting. I certainly don’t need another hobby but I’m seriously considering ordering one. I have zero experience with CNC software and very little CAD experience.
Lots of good reading material here so far.

That’s a pretty common experience here :blush: If you jump in you see it cutting metal(!) for a design on the computer. And then you want to cut all metal things :smile:

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Welcome to the addiction, homeboy! I’m down in Shawnee area.

Northeast Oklahoma here big town of watova. So far seems to be a good investment. The wife wanted a hobby in the shop with me so we bought one and turned it into a fun project and something to make a little money with.

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Good to see a couple of fellow Oklahoman’s. I had to look up Watova. I had a neighbor from Talala. I’m in Perry.

Yea it’s a biggin hahahaha we are 6 miles away from talala