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Hello everybody, I’m Patafoin from south of France.
Since several years, I cut with plasma cutter some recreative and ornemation things. Actually, I’m regarding for CNC Plasma table. Like everybody , I saw Alib… offer but in all cases the price grown up quicly and we have never security of quality.
That explain why I looking for Crossfire. Unfortunately, Langmuir don’t have retailer in EC, and also I would like to order soon one unit.
In other case I work with laser graver and I use Lightburn software for.
On my opinion, I would try to work with Inkscape , to Sheetcam to Firecontrol. Do you have another solution without Fusion 360 ?
Looking foward to read, and to learn about yours last experience

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Welcome! QCad and Affinity Designer work really well.

That’s my normal workflow.

I only used Fusion360 when I was designing 3 dimensional parts like aux fuel tanks and such. I use Freecad for that now. Fusion required a commercial license since I sold the tanks - the free version is limited to hobbyists who aren’t selling anything made from a Fusion design file.

Hello All,

As promised, I order my Crossfire with options. It will ship to France.
I can’t wait to play with .
it’s a big investment due to taxes charged in france but i’m confident. I can’t find another manufacturer except by building it yourself with a tutorial. But with you, I have support and a community…
Meeting in several week for first mounting and cutting


That’s great! Welcome to the forum! If you want to get a me a plane ticket I’ll come help you set it up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2:

It’s a small world ! You’re welcome :grin:

Hello from France.
Are there any Crossfire users from France in the forum?

Bonjour de France. A t il des utilisateurs de Crossfire en France sur le forum ?

Looking foward…

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If you search the word “France” above there are a few member from France. When you find them, tag them to this post by add a @ before their name like this @Patafoin

Welcome to the forum!!