New user from Colorado

Hello all!
My name is Sean. I’ve been wanting to expand my metal working for a while and a friend at work told me about his Crossfire Pro. I ordered mine in March, hopefully see it sometime this summer. I’m new to CNC, been welding, both MIG and TIG for 15 years. Hand plasma for about a year. Can’t wait to get started!

Welcome to the group and let the fun begin!
Lots of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable folk around here! …you’re in the right place. That said, the little magnifying glass icon top right of your screen is your friend also. :rofl:

thank you Cletus for the use of my favorite saying…

oh…and by the way welcome @crazyceli956 to the world of CNC …

New user also from Colorado, hoping to receive my pro by the end of the month!!