New to xr pro and fire control

Hey everyone i just got my pro xr last week and am trying to be able to cut something i designed. When i make my file in fusion and want to export it to sheet cam it will not let me do it as a dxf file. When it asks if i want to do it as a dxf file its says i have to subscribe. i am doing this as a hobby and was wondering if i am doing something wrong? any help is appreciated because i have a project that i’m trying to finish. also Fusion has been very frustrating to use so besides inkscape is there any other software that is more user friendly? i am basically just going to be making signs. I was wanting to upload pictures trace them and them convert them to G code in sheet cam, if that is even a possibility.

You can export the entire drawing as a DXF or a *.f3d file or several others.

Or you can Save as single sketch DXF here (this is the method you’ll have to use with the non paid subscription to fusion360)

I think basically any kind of DXF or SVG will work in sheetcam.

There are many many types of illustrator , 2d CAD or 3D CAD software that will export SVGs or DXF ,even some browser-based converters will.

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the dxf portion is not highlighted as an option for me to select to export.

Use the second method above.
“Save as DXF”

that worked! thank you I know it was a dumb question