New to the forum from Georgia

Hi New to the forum. Just picked up a used but new crossfire pro , a friend of mine bought it and started putting it together ,but never finished. I finished assembly of the table, ran the break in procedure but haven’t hooked the plasma cutter up to it yet . I believe I’m missing the stuff for the torch height control and a cable . I am new to the cnc part of plasma cutting .

Welcome to the forum. There are a few different versions of CrossFire and if you can tell us WHICH version you have, you’ll be able to get the best help.

I have the crossfire pro, with the razorweld 45 cnc plasma cutter with the hand torch. It has the z axis motor but I’m missing the thc circuit board , but he is looking for it tomorrow . Not sure what cables i need to connect thc to the plasma cutter

Welcome to the forum, the link below will show you all of the parts for THC.

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Thanks I don’t have the VIM and the MCB. The guy I got it from, is looking tomorrow to see if I forgot a box when I picked it up. I will post some pics of what I have left to connect tomorrow .

Well, given Langmuir’s support history, I expect that you’ll have now problem procuring whatever you need to get your system fully functional. One thing that they may want, so ask your buddy, what was the original order number. Don’t tell us, but @langmuirsystems may want to know.

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ok thanks ill ask him that also hopefully he remembers it was 2020 when he bought it and it was sitting with just the legs put together

Nice you are going to finally put that baby to use. He’ll probably regret selling it when you start cranking out cool stuff.

Just in case you are unaware, you can run your system without the torch height control. THC is an option, not standard. A lot of times it’s fine to cut with it turned off even if you have it functional.


I don’t have the THC on my crossfire PRO. I have considered buying it but just another thing to have issue…lol Definitely not a must have item but cool.

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yes he found the stuff I was missing. he is putting it in the mail Monday so I should have it soon.

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he had ordered it with the table. it was missing but he found the stuff, plus the fire control for plasma cutter was there also. may look into getting the stop kit for it also