New to sheetcam Help?

Im going to download sheetcam this weekend anything I need to know ? Is it easy to get it up and going ? Any other things I need to know to get started with it… Tryed to Cam in fusion 360 and coudnt get it done… Trying to learn Cad and Cam my CFPRO is coming in 5-7 weeks … Any help would be appreciated to a newbie old manual machine fab guy !!! Already bought sheetcam with my CFPRO purchase today…

There are YouTube videos on using Sheetcam (7 I think) that will teach you all you need to know. You’ll need the licensed version though as the free version is very limiting. Well worth the expense IMHO.

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Arclight Dynamics has a series of videos on YouTube. There are some instructions that are specific to the Arclight tables, so you can ignore those, but the basics of using the program are the same. They also have one for center punching a hole for drilling.


@brownfox Made some good vids on setting it up for the pro. I’ll look for the link and try to put it in here
edit: figured out how to link the post

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