New to sheetcam.. help!

Ok so ive made a few simple cuts from the downloads on fireshare… thank you. now ive downloanded a few mpre and am getting an “evaluation limit reached” error. so is this due to being the basic sheetcam download limitations or am i missing something?

George… Yes. Looks like you’re hitting the "line limit’ for sheetcam. I’ve been informed it’s something like 180 lines of code before you hit the limit…

If your past cuts have been >180 you were good to go… Now that you’re moving on to more complex cuts, ----> More lines of code…---->Time to license.

The $140 is completely worth it in my opinion!!


You could start using Fusion360 to generate your Gcode… (Free)

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thanks for quick reply. i purchased the $140 version through the langmuir store… i tried fusion 360 and just couldnt get it… again very new to this…

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So, you’re good to go now?

no. i had already purchased it and when i got the error message…

Did you get your license file downloaded and copied to your Sheetcam directory?

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James… not sure if I did… I bought it downloaded and then started using… not very tech savvy or pro cnc just trying to get rich! Jk… thanks. You think I missed a step or forgot something?

you need to install the license into sheetcam…

In Sheetcam, go to Help and then there’s an option to Install License File. Click that and it will bring up a file explorer window for you to find & select your license file. You probably have it in your Download directory now but if you’ve moved it to your Sheetcam directory it should be easy to find.

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James thanks again… been busy at work. Not sure exactly what I’m looking for… there’s nothing in downloads… I searched and found some sheetcam files but not sure which one or what to do with it…

Did you get an email back when you bought Sheetcam with either an attached file or a link?

The software’s creator is a member here so I’m tagging him @LesNewell because he should be able to track down your license if you can’t find it.

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i did but not sure as to what im looking for or what to do when i find it… again… im very new to all this… and thanks

I just bought Sheetcam on the Langmuir Systems website. I got an email right after I ordered it that contains a link to activate the license. Once clicking the link it will take you to Sheetcam’s website where you will enter the name and email you want to use for the license. When you sumbit that it will download a license file. Save this in a secure place on your computer. Open Sheetcam and under the help menu there will be a licensing option. Open the license file you saved and it should be fully licensed.

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I tried to to reopen the link in the sheetcam email and says “token has already been used”. And I can’t seem to find it anywhere

open sheetcam…
click on the “help” button
then click on the “about button”
it should have your name and a license ID…
if those are there then you have it set up.
also make sure it is the 7.0.13 version…

Send @LesNewell a PM and he can get you straightened out with a copy. Or email ( and they can fix it.

Ok well… stupidity strikes again…ME. when I got the email and opened it thought I had installed… NOPE! You gotta scroll down a little bit more… so I did and low and behold there it was… and finally… LICENSE INSTALLED!! Again thank you to those who reached out and tried to help…keep you posted!