New to plasma - Douglas in Colorado - need help with THC

New to cnc plasma but have had an industrial woodworking cnc for about 14 years.
Trying to set up the THC without much luck.

Using Powermax 45xp with Crossfire Pro with THC
Using various programs to make the images before processing them in SheetCam.

What are the issues you are having setting up the THC?

THC doesn’t appear to be actually turning on. No “Active” or “OK” indicators are on.
When I start a cut, I get the pierce and sometimes about an inch of cutting then the torch flames out.
I can cut a pattern with THC turned off.
I checked the voltage going into the VIM at around 3v so the divider appears to be working.
Once I dried the contacts the Test function worked. For some reason which I suspect is the problem once the tests ran and also once I complete a cut with thc off, I get 256V in the Live voltage readout. Not sure if this is normal. I can set a voltage in the Nominal Smart voltage. Didn’t change anything.
Going to go through the whole troubleshooting chart today, once my plasma hut warms up above freezing. Hope to discover that it’s something stupid that I did.

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I added to your thread name so folks can see you need help.

Thanks Wsidr1

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I may have found the issue. THC board voltage between Gnd and Ref reads 0V
Pulled the board and measured directly on the motion control board and got 4V
Think my THC board is malfunctioning.