New to Langmuir from Queensland Australia

Hi all, am lookin to purchace and import the crossfire pro with the razor weld 45 into Australia. Hoping someone here may have done the same, an perhaps could share their experience… some do’s an don’ts
Thanks in advance.

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Gday. I imported one of the very original ones which I have absolutely flogged to death. Don’t know much about the Pro model.

I paid a fair bit for shipping (US$250 i think) and already had a plasma cutter (which I have since upgraded) along with an air compressor (which I have also since upgraded).

Hardest part for me was the software - not so much designing but more so post processing and exporting the gcode file etc. I don’t know how that might be different in the newer models.

There was also lots of really good videos that Langmuir put up with their original machine. Not sure if they are still doing that for the newer stuff.

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Hi Kywynoz,
I imported the Pro. Pretty straight forward, really. Been a great machine for me.

One bit of gold advice was not to wait to long to pay your GST to customs. If you wait a while there is a high likelihood of the packages getting split up in transit which makes tracking them a nightmare.
I paid the GST the day I got the phone call and it all sailed through.

Plasma wise I went with the CigWeld Cutskill 45. Already 240V, so no conversion required and the consumables are cheaper in Australia.


Hi Aussie_Ben,

Can I ask how you freighted yours over? I used a forwarder in the US, but have a mate keen now and wondering what other options are available. Do Langmuir ship here (they didn’t when I did it).


Langmuir shipped direct to Australia when I ordered mine.
UPS brought it into the country and then it was just a local freight company from there.

Thanks. Appreciate the response.