New to Fusion 360

Is there a downloadable list of the functions in the drop-down menus like create, modify, showing each option and proper way to complete them? I watch the videos and somethings are spoken so quickly. It’s hard to make a note or realize what they’re actually saying. This is a wonderful program, but it is very easy to get stumped and not know what to do. I would think somewhere would be a list of all the functions that could be downloaded.
Thanks for any help.

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Product development online on YouTube has a really good series that goes over all the tools one by one slowly.

You could start with the video that talks about the user interface.

Here’s the link to a post that has some of those links

Another option is in the upper right preferences area you can toggle on a help menu infusion 360 that gives you detailed descriptions of every tool you click. Also hovering over a menu item for a second will bring up a detailed description of its function.


Watch the Tyler Beck “Tips” videos. He has several and he does a good job explaining each one.