New to CNC, or any sort of digital design in So Cal

Hello all.

I am completely new to the world of 2d and 3d modeling and drawing. Ive sketched plenty on a bar napkin before, but computers have a hard time with beer and whiskey stained input paper.

Ive followed Langmuir systems on instagram for a while, but I do not own any of their products, currently. I came across one heck of a deal on another plasma table that my CWI was selling when he had to shut down his shop, and it made a ton of sense at the time.

The Cad program that I decided on is fusion360, based on some of the reading that I had done over the years, and it seems like that is a popular choice.

The hardware that I’m running is a little bit cobbled together. The table is an older ESAB gantry unit, from what my CWI told me. He had it for several years and used it with a Hypertherm 105 to cut some very large parts for his structural iron business. I set it up with what it came with, which was a Masso Gen2 Controller, with a Kyndill height controller wired in to its own specific DTHC. He had just finished installing the DTHC, and then got the notice that they would not renew his lease.

I also just learned that Kyndill is now essentially defunct, with a message on its landing page about no longer selling parts or servicing their equipment. Hopefully that doesn’t cause massive gremlins in this learning process.

As far as my background, I run a welding and fabrication business. Most of my work has been related to pipeline welding, heavy equipment repair, and smaller structural work, with a bit of custom fabrication mixed in. I finally have a shop space large enough to accommodate some tonnage, or some larger projects, and I am hoping that this plasma will help me grow the fabrication work that I can tackle.

Thank you all for this community, I’m looking forward to talking with you all.


Welcome to the group