New stuff to cut

What’s some of the best sites to go for files looking for some different ones than I have thanks for the help

Plasma spider is a good one. $20 membership/donation gets you access to a ton of stuff.

Just google search for free dxf files and usually there’s some cool stuff.

But nothing beats making a “one off” that no one else has. It may be difficult in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it. There is a ton of experience and help on this forum.


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I have bought a few from online. I prefer making my own but im not smart enough to make a very complicated one. Just search for plasma dxf or svg files you will find alot of free, and ones to purchase. Im sure you looked in the fireshare on this forum. As Gunny said Plasmaspider is a great one for the $20 a year.


Plasmaspider is a great resource for DFX files, I have cut some great stuff from there…BUT…you have to be careful, some are not cut ready for plasma cutting.
Some are very dirty (too many nodes) , some have to be sized and then the lines are too fine for plasma.
Some have been converted from other formats and just don’t work without retracing the whole thing out.
It really is a great resource but you have to be careful with it.


thank you appreciate the feedback