New razerweld cut 45 cnc

Wanting to purchase a new razorweld cut 45 CNC. Does anyone know if langmuir systems will sell a plasma cutter only, I have a crossfire pro, but the 45 CNC razor weld that I have had a board go out, and I want to purchase a new machine rather than repairing and having no warranty. I have left voicemails Monday yesterday and today and still have not had a response fr
om them.

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You should be able order straight from the website.

Just curious, would this machine not work?

I tried to do that on the langmuir site, but don’t have the option to buy the plasma cutter by itself.

I spoke with razerweld and they said that machine is 20:1

Voicemail is not the way to contact support. You should submit a support request through the website.

Are you sure the plasma cutter is bad? Who told you the board was bad? What is it doing?