New Primeweld Cut 60 on CrossFire

My PrimeWeld CUT 60 was ordered from Amazon day before yesterday and will be here in a couple of weeks. Is there a user manual on-line anywhere? I would like to check out the cutting recommendations therein.

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Sorry guys been out of the loop for a while primeweld cut 60 works very good with the original crossfire table of the pro are not sure hopefully someday I will be able to find out LOL

Works great on the Pro as well with machine torch.

If you go on primeweld website they have one you can get it there the manual

Great! Thanks!
UPDATE: Nope, :crazy_face:it’s not there

No manual, but here is the cut chart, Note: the 40psi setting is wrong as the plasma cutter will not work at 40psi.

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Perfect! …just what I was looking for!
Spent the day yesterday watching instructional videos and playing with Sheetcam, this will help me setup my tool list!
My CUT60 should arrive next week, and my Crossfire in about two weeks, so reading all I can and trying to wrap my brain around the available information (maybe i’m overthinking it, as per usual).
Thanks much.

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For 16g I use 29amps, 55psi, 120-130 ipm… no dross on top and very little on bottom.

That’s all I’ll cut for the most part…

I’ve used the same exact settings to cut some 14g f-bombs with same results.


I get the bit about inside/outside cuts, flame lagging the nozzle, etc., but at the risk of asking a stupid question, how is the kerf width determined for the various Nozzles, settings, etc? … I suspect it may have to be done experimentally and noted? Or do we already have data for such? What am I missing here?

Others can chime in, but in my case, I started with a nominal value of 0.050" and once I had the rest of the parameters dialed in, test cuts like square in square, measure, adjust, cut again and you’re pretty much there. Not a lot of magic. Getting the rest of it is the tricky part (torch alignment, current, air pressure, speed). Kerf width is pretty easy after that.

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I have some of the same questions about it has anyone put a cut list together for the Primeweld with the parameters they use for different gauges of metal? I have the manual and use it as a guide and once I start cutting I will start a list of what works for me and post it.

Thanks a lot dude

I have a list started on here. Google sheet document. Feel free to add to it

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Anyone use the “wiggle” command in Sheetcam during pierce?

I’ve been able to import 4lb Sodium Nitrite and an 8oz bottle Physan 20.
Hoping that lasts a while. :grinning:

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Decent set of consumables ordered from George today to get me started.

Feel free to add to it…

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4lb!!! Uh, that should last you for… let’s see, I’m currently halfway through my first 4 oz and it’s been about 6 months. So…

Thank you for the chart I have a set of tips coming, should have them by Saturday.

Well, the PrimeWeld CUT60 arrives in the shop tomorrow. Think I’ll do what I normally do… pop the case immediately to ensure all is well inside there. Good thing I did that with the Lotos LTPDC2000D before firing her up, all sorts of things were loose in there, some of the power MosFET devices were loose from the heatsink, the air regulator loose and the nut securing the power lug to the work terminal was loose. Once those were taken care of, she powered-up and runs well.