New machine set up issues

Fail all test for THC initiation. performed tests as specified and get to the 50-1 terminal test with DMM and the outlet shows negative power using all connectors. will not fire with negative voltage can anyone help. also 50-1 voltage is negative 5.4 and the on off voltage with manual fie was 2.4 volts DC

Div output to controller is also negative 3.5 VDC.

Assuming this is a Pro Table and Langmuirs THC… what cutter and how are you connected?

Does firecontrol recognize that THC is installed and is the firmware updated?

I had to install the drivers manually for my Windows 10 mini pc to get mine to connect. From your description I’m not sure if you are having a connection problem, or it’s connecting but failed the THC tests.

Another possibility from what I’m reading is that you are getting the voltage polarity backwards. If that’s the case, make sure that you are aware that Langmuir uses the red wire for negative and black as positive for wiring the THC.

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