"New" lotos ltp5500d

Probably going to get roasted for this but has anyone tried the newer lotos ltp5500d it claims it no longer uses High frequency and uses blow back start. Was just curious if anyone had tried this model.


The 5500 can be used on the crossfire, but it would not be my choice with better plasma cutters out there at about the same price.

What would you reccomend that are better for around the same price?

The Primeweld Cut 60, CNC ready and better warranty

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I see on the website that the Primeweld Cut 60 is only compatible for models 2021 and newer. Has anybody had luck with the Primeweld Cut 60 on their crossfire pro? I am not able to get my Lotos LTP5500d working properly - it will start the arc and then the arc just dies out. Works fine by hand.