New laptop concerns

While waiting for my PRO to arrive I have started playing with Fusion 360. I have an older laptop and it takes seemingly forever to load. Looking for some advice on getting a newer laptop.

Weclome to the forum!

The fusion 360 website has recommended system requirements.

You also need a reasonably fast internet connection. However, I have crappy internet connection and can still use Fusion 360, I just go get a coffee while starting it up.

I started out will a older laptop one of the first thing I did was a fresh reinstall and maxed out the ram. This did help quite a bit till I bought a “gaming” desktop.

If you buy a " gaming" laptop it should preform well with fusion.

This is what Autodesk recommends

There is quite a few “optimized” videos on youtube that can walk you through your fusion 360 preferences to help your performance

Fusion 360 Settings (How To Optimize Your Computer) - YouTube

I have an ASUS Zenbook which dropped off too many times running Fusion 360. Plus the battery no longer holds a charge. Bought a gaming desktop for F360, it is good for processing photos too. also bought a budget HP Laptop dedicated to the Langmuir controller.

I have the gaming hard wired to the router (vs. WiFi) helps F360 a little bit. You might try that with your laptop???