New install of Crossfire XR & hypertherm powermax45

Hi guys. Hope everyone’s well. Received my new crossfire XR got it all set up, thanks for the help Cameron, and ready to do our first cut. Fortunately the torch fires beautifully, using hyper therm powermax45, but only starts the first cut and sits there. What am I doing wrong?

It’s likely you’re Pierce delay is too short set it to .5sec or to start with.

Edit. So it just continues to fire and doesn’t run the program?

Program in your fire control visualizer?

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Yes, it showed in the visual and I changed the pierce delay to .5. We’ll try it again. Oh, and yes the torch stays on but doesn’t move. Hopefully the torch delay will fix the problem. Will let you know.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

It’s not going to fix the problem.

Are the motors turning on at all on your langmuir ? can you turn the lead screws by hand when the machine is on and when it’s off can you freely rotate the screws by hand?

we really have to stop doing this…