New in Wichita Kansas

I just received my Crossfire Pro, almost completed assembly after a handful of issues, note the customer service was fast and helpful. Replacement parts came quick. Having trouble getting it squared up, but hopefully I’ll get it fired up soon.

Anyone else in Wichita KS?

Welcome to the forum. Lots of smart and cheerful people on here and willing to assist. The little magnifying glass top right of the screen is your friend for finding answers quickly, that failing,please free to ask. :beers:

welcome to the forum…great to hear about Langmuir…

@Cletus is right…he fits into the “smart” category…

I fit into the “cheerful”…and “use the magnifying glass” catagory.

Hey VonSchmidt! It looks like we are the only 2 people in Wichita, Ks. I just got my Crossfire Pro a couple of months ago and I am still trying to get things figure out. Where have you been getting your metal?

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Hows it going. I get my metal from either the Yard, or Central Plains. I have used the new metal supermarket out north east.

Are you getting you machine figured out? What cutter do you have?

Just got my XR in. Cheney KS here. Not sure when I’ll get time to ever set it up though :joy:

RCDWELDFAB85 - don’t feel bad, it took me almost a year to put together my little Pro, LoL I was crazy busy then, plus I did have some troubles with mismatch parts, I think they were having supply problems at the time, but the customer service was fantastic.

Good luck


I’m in Newton, KS and would be grateful to have someone local that would be willing to bounce troubleshooting/ideas off of.

That’s good to know! I don’t feel so bad then lol. I moved my air compressor into its own room, started running all new lines & been having issues w/ that. Now slammed again (grateful for) but at idol now until I get two big projects out. Paid another guy some $ to make parts for me since mines not ready so trying to push myself to keep on it. :crossed_fingers:t2: Hopefully it’s an easy process to get it going but w/ my luck and from other comments not sure it will be, glad to hear customer service is good though! Thanks!

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Tim Nelson (Mainz & Associates) in Goddard is a good source for metal as well.

What machine do you have?

I have a PRO with razor45

Cool, have you cut much with it yet?

Wichita/Belle Plaine here too. Though I’m just finishing up assembling the XR and now just received the MR-1. AMR Steel had some good price on some 3/8 plate if you need any. I think it was $0.35 lb back in December. Might be $0.50 now.

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Man, I would love to upgrade to an XR, just don’t know if I can justify it yet to the wife.

There is an individual on facebook that sells welding tables out of Wichita that also sells a bunch of sheets in random sizes for cheap that I have bought from. His seller name on facebook is “Steel tables”

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Didn’t mean to delete that post, Pro with a razor45

AMR rubbed me wrong. They quoted me a price over the phone. I sent my hired hand in to get it, they tried to charge (well they did) me more. Argued w/ them but had no chose. Haven’t gone back since. Over a year ago.