New in East Tennessee

just pulled the trigger on the crossfire pro. Been snooping around for a month or so, while making the decision. Now its just time to wait…till November

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Welcome. If you’re not already in the know, go to the support page and read everything and learn the workflow so you’re not wasting time troubleshooting when the machine is put together and ready to go.


Greetings from West TN. The build was not a big issue. If you have a CNC port on your plasma cutter it makes it a little easier. I hooked it up and started cutting. I use PlasmaCam and like it better than fusion. Enjoy

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Will do. Btw, I like your TEQ logo. Restoring a 75 FJ40

I went ahead and got the razorcut (hoping I didn’t mess up). Soo hopefully that part will be plug and play.

Sweet on the FJ. I had a 05 UZJ100 for a bit, rebuilt the ENTIRE front end, spent tons of time on it and flopped it off-road. Land Cruiser people are nuts anyway. Lol. I want another but probably won’t do it anytime soon. Have a 16 4runner trail and an 88 SASd (by me) 4runner.

People seem to get good results with the razor cut. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I had some hand cutting experience prior to this and knew ahead of time I wanted a hypertherm to run the table.

Welcome east TN…fellow east TN