New in Box CrossFire PRO for sale - Phoenix AZ area or shipped

I took delivery of my CrossFire Pro in December and have yet to even open the boxes as I am waiting for my workshop to finish being constructed. With the release of the XR, I wanted to see if anyone is interested in purchasing my PRO so I can order the XR. I paid $2495 plus $400 for THC and $175 for shipping. As it is new in box, I’d like to get what I paid, plus shipping to new owner, so $3070. I am in the Phoenix, AZ area. Can hand deliver if someone is close. You won’t have to wait for backorder, you can have it today, or as soon as shipper takes!

I updated the title so folks know where it is. Might get you some local attention.

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if still for sale please leave any contact to u

PM me. I don’t put contact info on the internet for obvious reasons…