New Hypertherm 45XP with hand torch not firing

Got a new hypertherm 45XP and bought the adaptor cable from Langmuir to fire the torch. The machine will not fire through mach3. Pull the trigger and everything works fine manually. Will the adaptor cable only work with a machine torch? I can’t find a 2T 4T switch like on the old razorcut. Running old Mach 3 on one of the original tables.

If I remember correctly you have to use a machine torch with the cpc cable. I believe there is a work around I am think you have to bridge to wires out.

Do a search I believe there is pictures and such.

Actually I believe you have to switch some pins on the torch.

The CPC cable only works with machine torches. As Phillip said, there are threads here that describe how to move pins in the hand torch connector to make it work.

Yeah I know I can splice into the wires and get it to work. Not a big fan of splicing into wires. Did that with a Miller 375 and worked ok but the cutter ended up failing not too long after doing that. (Probably unrelated)

Search cpc and hand torch it cam up easy there is a description of how to move the pins. It is a safety feature put on there after someone was killed.

Thanks found the thread. See if I can get it to work

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