New here. Crossfire Pro

Hey there. Sam here from West Tennessee/ North Mississippi/ Memphis area. Got a pro table on order and can’t wait


Congrats man, I don’t have a pro but I really love owning the Crossfire, I am sure you will as well.
I do not have the room or the cash to buy another machine right now but maybe in the future I will get one.

You will be amazed at what you can do with these things.

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Im looking forward to it.

Welcome and you’ll love it.

I wonder if anybody has received a pro yet from batch one

Not entirely… lots of us have 2/3 rds of it


Box #2 is saposed to start shipping the end of next week for batch 1 orders. THC is around the same time frame. Most batch 1’s have received box 1 and 3. And welcome to the gang!

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How many boxes for the Kit. I ordered the THC also.

should be 4 . unless you would have got plasma cutter and laptop stand then 6

ok thanks. I already have the plasm cutter. Probably should have gotten the stand…:crazy_face: But not sure what im going to run it with.

I think I seen a couple laptop stand plans on fireshare. And your welcome.

Hey buddy. I’m in N Ms. I work in memphis.

I work in Memphis also

:mage: I will chime in, welcome…I do not work in Memphidishu…I am waaayyyy to the east up in the mountains :stuck_out_tongue:

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