New guy with a question about torches

I just ordered the pro and now it’s time to order the actual plasma cutter. I was wanting a dedicated torch so I don’t have to take it in and out of the machine. What’s confusing me is the price of the handheld torches and the machine torches. I thought they were the same except for the shape. Why the drastic price difference?

Supply and demand as well as it cost more to make a machine torch. Cost is also determined on what plasma cutter it is for and were the torch it is made.

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So other than the clamshell they’re functionally identical? I was thinking of modifying one for a vertical hose

You’re buying a great CNC plasma table. No doubt you’ll be shopping for a great plasma cutter as well. Trust me, don’t skimp-out, get a good machine torch for that table and plasma cutter. @mechanic416 is the man for all your torch and consumable needs and advice.


I’ve been creeping around for a while and he’s answered many questions before I’ve even asked. I’m going with the cut60. I know it’s not officially supported, but for the price/capability/customer support I’m willing to make it work.

one of the first orders of business will be modifying it for 36" on the Y. I don’t know why they didn’t do it in the first place.

I’ve been very happy with my CUT60. I guess you’ll get one of the new “CNC friendly” versions, although I’ve had no real issues with this one. Will be following to learn how it goes with you. Best of luck.

I thought they all had the CNC port on the back. Or are there some different changes?

Well, yes they do come with the CNC connecter at the back. People were reporting more and more issues with electromagnetic interference invading the control system and Langmuir took the CUT60 off the “recommended list”, I have had no such issues with mine thankfully. I understand that Prime Weld has since launched a modified version that allegedly has addressed the EMI issue. So if you do purchase one, you’ll most likely get one of those. I found the CUT60 to be a great machine at a great price point and found their helpline very user-friendly. This being the case, I also bought their TIG welder. My consumables for both machines come from @mechanic416 and he has a ton of knowledge.


For anyone looking to buy a crossfire check out this youtube channel of mine. I plan on doing more videos on the software and getting started with this machine. Just explains the basics from start to finish on making a cut. Thanks

Also going to be making a video on upgrading to a machine torch. Everything arrived the other day so it will be up in a week or two.

so I just talked to Gene at primeweld and the CNC ready cut60 will be out next week.

machine torches will be available in 2 months.

any thoughts on this one? PTM-60 CNC Plasma Machine Torch 20' Primeweld® Primecut CUT 60 Central Connector | eBay

i wouldn’t buy the chinese knock off. yeah they are cheaper but you get what you pay for. primeweld sells a genuine machine torch and so does mechanic416.

The Primeweld machine torch is also a knock off, but I hear it works.

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I have bought from plasmadyn the x45 hand torch and the machine torch for the titanium 45 and both have been working great for over two years now. However, the hand torch had a wire come unplugged from a pin at machine end, had to reconnect no problem since.

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hey @mechanic416 I heard that you work on the cut60s. Is there a place inside to place a low power switch in order to not have to reach behind to the breaker?

Thermal Dynamics did this years ago. But it turned out to be a mistake. It was causing transformers and capacitors to go bad because they were under power all the time and getting hot, shorting out and causing fires inside the plasma cutters. There is also the safety concern of power inside the plasma cutter all the time even with the switch turned off.

Its not a good idea.

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