New guy here, figured I'd say...Hi y'all

I’ve been creeping around here for some time…I just came out of the shadows. I do not have a CNC cutter yet BUT am strongly leaning toward the PRO. Just wanted to say you folks are helpful and friendly. I Hope I decide if I want to take the plunge soon.

I’m thinking the pro with the THC and their plasma cutter, I figure it plays well with Langmuirs table?

I think the thing that scares me the most is the CAD, but I have a 18 and 16 year old that knows it, 16 yr old is big into it.

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welcome to the fold…

Have you already had the chance to try your hand at the CAD work while deciding to place your order? Fusion 360 is free for hobbyists, so you don’t lose anything by downloading it and following along with the Fusion 360 video tutorials we have to help walk you through the process.

Check out the Fusion 360 tutorial series here, the first video covers installation instructions:

Welcome. I suggest what @langmuir-aksel said also. It’s what I did/doing while waiting on my table. It will be 1 less learning curve to figure out when your machine gets her (let’s be honest if you’re this interested in one and making a profile you’re probably 80% or more gonna get one) Also I’ve heard way more positive things about the hypertherm cutters then the others. Yes they’re expensive but from what I’ve see/heard it’s the quality you’re paying for. Good luck into the cnc world.

get the pro…

I did not

welcome to the forum

Hello there Sacco, plenty of fun and games here!! This Forum has plenty of knowledge and the people to splain it! The only stupid question is the one that didn’t get asked…and as @timcki said “get the pro” . I have the plug and play package and am very happy with it. I am thinking about getting a Hypertherm cutter now… Having fun now!

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Yes, I’ve tried the fusion 360. In fact, that’s the preferred with the youngster (D) in the house. Told him not to leave me hanging. There is a 3d printer in the house here somewhere the older one wanted…but D and I use on the regular. With that being said, the Fusion is a little complex BUT we currently do not use it for flat parts. So maybe I’ll be just fine.

I was looking at the Hypertherm boxes but with all the money I got going out I don’t know if another 1500 to 1800 is doable. Probably use the RW and sell it down the line.

Thanks guys, for the welcome and input!

So am I …

So…Need some opinions please. Do I use my current HF Titanium 45 for a while, save the 895.00 for the Razorweld and put toward a Hypertherm later down the line?

Is your hf plasma compatible?
895$ is a pretty big stepping stone for a RW.

Although a RW will get you cutting…

What plasma cutter do you feel you will keep and not want to get rid of…

Big investment now for piece of mind down the road…

Buy the hypertherm don’t waste your time and money regretting that you threw away $1000+ on a cutter and consumables not to mention the wasted metal. Everything you see that looks great was done with a hypertherm. I have a modded Razorweld and an Everlast 60s and could have easily bought one for what I paid for them. I figured the one that was being sold with the table would eliminate any issues down the road but it just caused lots of headache and frustration.

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I did order the pro WITHOUT the razor weld. After reading alot, I decided to put the money toward the hypertherm. It seems to be a better cutter all around. Oh, and I like you can set it up to cut expanded metal. I have till April to save up the secret squirrel money :roll_eyes: (I bought way too much this year…mom, she isn’t happy with me)

I’m pretty sure the Titanium will work, that is in the event it even sees the table. Ill keep the HF one loose and leave the hypertherm dedicated to the table.

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