New guy from TN

New guy from Cowan TN. My XR should be here tomorrow and looking forward to learning all i can about this machine. My first cnc plasma table so i got a long ways to go lol

Welcome to rhe forum… I’m in Chattanooga. Lets us know if we can help. Don’t have a XR but have a Pro and love it.

Thanks i appreciate that! Im about an hour from Chattanooga.

Welcome to the club! I’m a fellow Franklin Countian over by Bluegill grill.

Good deal!!

I’m in Dunlap Tn hoping to make my final payment soon so I can receive mine and start learning as well what was your order number

Dont remember the exact number but ordered middle of Dec. Was supposed to ship in Feb but parts availability kept pushing it back. Mine is supposed to be out for delivery today

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Welcome from way, way east :goat:

Welcome! Also near yall! Waiting on full pay of my first plasma table! Ordered my XR late January. I’m from Ringgold, GA


Yeah not far at all. I ordered mid Dec so it shouldnt be long for you to wait now. The waiting is the hardest part (Tom Petty reference). If you dont get that, you are alot younger yhan i am lmao.

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Now you’ve done it! Undoubtedly stirring @KX9M into more of this!

Oh Tom… LOL… You can bet your A** I saw this!! BUT, very happy to say I was able to refrain from any comment or additional references!! So proud of myself… I’ve come a long ways.!!! :wink:

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None of my coworkers in shop know who the heck Tom Petty is. Guess im a dinosaur among whipper snappers lol. I may be old but we had the absolute best music lol