New guy from MS

Hi all. Ordered my crossfire a week ago. I was going to get an Everlast 50s to use. Working on finding a computer to use for fusion as well. All my comps are old and not compatible with fusion. A little about me, I worked for a fab shop for awhile and I ran the cnc waterjet, laser and plasma table there. At night I would draw parts for my 55 Chevy truck and cut them out on the waterjet, like engine mounts and such. Now I need the use of a plasma table to do other projects I have in mind. I will be posting drawings of USEFUL projects to others as they come along. I can’t wait for it to be delivered!! I looked at quite a few machines and chose the crossfire. Of course I was met with “no don’t buy that it doesn’t have thc”, or some negative comment. Told them to go fly a kite and bought it anyway! Looking forward to conversing with everyone on here…


Welcome to the no THC gang.

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Thanks for your order! You’ll probably find hundreds if not thousands of threads dispersed across the internet warning against purchasing a CNC plasma table without a Z axis and THC. Some say that piercing at the cut height will quickly (if not instantly) destroy the consumable set. Others say that its impossible to cut a part with accuracy unless the torch is held at nominal cut height within .005". Yet a simple search on this forum, youtube, facebook, and instagram will show thousands of high quality bitchin’ parts that were cut on the CrossFire (non-equipped with a Z axis or THC as you are well aware).

A Z axis and THC absolutely will increase productivity and makes it possible to walk away from the machine. But a Z axis/THC set up would have added considerable cost to the machine and pushed it outside the price range that we felt was affordable for hobbyists. THC is also universally a pretty finicky technology that is very fault prone, so extra margin would have been needed to cover the increase in technical support.

From the beginning, we have always believed that folks burning shock tabs for their buggy, or people cutting out the occasional art sign definitely do not need THC. With thousands of machines in the field, we still believe that today.


Welcome! @Rustybucket where in MS are you located? I’m in West TN, near Memphis, and just ordered my table two days ago.

I’m just outside of Jackson.

Hey geek I just ordered my pro. I live close to the Alabama line in ms. Can’t wait to get mine in and running.