New guy from Kansas

I recently took delivery of a Crossfire XR although I have not begun assembling it yet. I have never been around a CNC plasma, only watched video’s so far…lol!
I have been a machinist since high school. CNC machinist/programmer since 1990 and a shop owner since 1995 manufacturing aircraft parts. I have CNC routers, lathes and mills. This will be a home hobby machine.
Since I already own and know Siemen’s NX, I will be programming with it. Incredibly, although I have used it for programming a full 5 axis milling machine, there are no built in tools or operations specific to a CNC plasma. Oh well, I can make my own operations and tools. I’ll more than likely have to develop a POST for it also, not sure if I can find one to modify. Should be a fun project.
One thing I did find was a 5 page cheat sheet from Langmuir Systems for the G codes and M codes. Most look pretty standard although re-purposed somewhat for plasma. I linked it below. Should be good enough to get it working. I’ve developed the POST’s for all my equipment but any tips would be appreciated.


Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you’re ready to go!

You could get SheetCam which already has an appropriate Post Processor for the CAM operation. It’s very easy to use and contains all the proper ‘knobs’ for plasma cutting.

The cheat sheet looks like it will do what you want and you can find example files on FireShare (I think). Good sleuthing finding it!

Lots of support on here. Don’t worry about asking dumb questions, the only dumb one is the one that’s not asked. And, we have plenty of people who are good at providing dumb answers :rofl: