New guy from Iowa!

Hello, I ordered my crossfire back in mid January, so it should start showing up here soon! Just getting my foot in the door on these forums, I’ve had some time to play with inkscape and learn a little basic autocad, the fireshare area of the website is by far my favorite, you’re all extremely creative!

I decided to start with the regular crossfire table and addon the XL expansion kit. If this hobby takes off I will definitely upgrade from here, the biggest problem I have is space. I have a plasma cutter already that will work with the table (according to a few posts it will, primeweld cut 60)

Any recommendations on what else I should order for the table? I’ve found designs for the laptop stand and water table, picked up an ingersoll-rand 60 gal. a few weeks ago… $800 bucks new! absolute steal

Welcome. I am new to this whole thing. Have made a few cuts. Do a lot of reading on this forum. It will save you time.
Since you already have a plasma cutter you are aware of the need for dry air?

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Where at in Iowa?

Welcome I hope you enjoy this hobby/potential business Iowa? I am in Illinois.

Welcome to the forum. Lots of smart and cheerful people on here and willing to assist. The little magnifying glass top right of the screen is your friend for finding answers quickly, that failing,please free to ask. :beers:


eastern iowa, quad city area.

@zen yes! i have a few air lines right now with dryers on each end, this year’s project will be trying to get the air from the tank to the cutter close to the same temps the whole journey. i feel like that’s the biggest factor in keeping it dry

I am brand new to this and had nothing to start with.
As I understand it, mostly from reading this forum, you want to cool the air to get the moisture to drop out of it (condense).
I copied what some guys here and other forums have done. I put a Derale transmission cooler with a water separator between the pump and tank. The separator dumps a lot of water into a bucket and not in the tank. From there I have another water separator/regulator (nothing out of it so far), then an oil separator, desiccant filter, and a motor guard filter.
I started out this way and only have a few cuts under my belt. So I don’t have anything to compare improvements to or consumable life.
If later I feel like I am not getting the life or cut quality I will add the refer. dryer.

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Oh ya, take @Cletus advice and read, read, read.
A lot of good stuff here. I had no issue building my system from scratch and I owe that to all the good people here. There is no way I would have been successful otherwise.


I live in the Muscatine area and work in the Quad Cities

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