New Guy cutting errors in 12 Gauge

Howdy folks!

I became sick of being reliant on CNC parts being cut for me from a local Fab Shop which jacked up my prices every year. So I purchased my own CNC machine from Langmuir. and FIRED THEM!!!

I have a razorcut 45 on a just built Crossfire pro table… (as yall know, that took 4 days! yikes)
Now, I am trying to cut parts out of 12 gauge mild sheet and totally messed it up!
(I’ve seen the cool videos of this set up working all smooth and clean. So I KNOW it MUST BE user error)

My 1st cuts are literally using CAD designs I DID of my own parts on Fusion 360.
(which also took me several 12 hour DAYS and multiple videos to finally figure out. )
you see, I am a hammer and forge blacksmith so this tech stuff is killing me here.

So yeah, from what I am reading here, I messed up BIG!
As in: 45amp, .9 delay, 60ipm, 80psi, 1.5 cut height…
when I run it, the plasma cutter cuts and then literally welds the cuts back together again! and the slag is MASSIVE where the occasional cut happens…
Man, I suck at this!

So I came here for help, on how to get a “clean cut” on 12 gauge and I am seeing what looks like contradictions. (But then, again, I still suck at this , so what the heck do I know…)

Here is what I am seeing here:
12G = 45Amp, .4 delay, 150 IPM, .9 cut height, 80PSI
12G = 30Amp, .6 delay, 80 IPM, .9 CH, 80PSI
12G = 35Amp, .2 delay, 120 IPM, .9 CH , 80PSI
which is it?

Also, if yall could help me out with “10 gauge Mild sheet” stats for clean cuts that would be great!
As I have a $200 sheet of THAT being delivered soon…

I designed and build my own 6x4x4 electric/propane powered rolling powder coating oven by hand. (it took over 3000 rivets and one year to build) I also own the patent on my own excellent invention, which I make and sell tons of. (with a waiting list.) So, I am not a moron… But THIS is kicking my tail in…

I just need some serious mentoring here!

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Cut height at .06, not 1.5. Delay .7 Pierce height at .15 or 2 . 10 gauge should be around 76ipm. We will help when we can. Welcome to the forum.


I haven’t cut any 12 ga., but I cut a lot of 11 ga. at 100 IPM, 45 amps, .13" pierce height and .04" cut height(heights are based on testing that resulted in actual heights of .15" and .06") with a .6 second pierce delay.

If you are using Fusion, set the “springback” value to zero. The post processor already adds .020" for “backlash” compensation, which is mostly unnecessary.

I run 10 ga. with the same settings, except slow down to 80 IPM.


Echoing the other advice you’re getting here- pierce height should be around 0.15" and cut height should be around 0.06".

Regarding all the other factors; you can run high amp at high speed or low amp at low speed, that’s mostly up to preference. Keep notes of your cut quality at certain feedrate and amperage settings, tweaking your feedrate using the override in FireControl until you find a good balance for your setup.


I run a RW 45 and I cut everything at 45 amps. I adjust IPM when cutting differnt thicknesses

If you go with a Cut height of .06 (and need to verify that) Pierce height .160 Pierce delay .7
IPM 80
70PSI air while cutter is running

this will get you close and make sure you cut small 2x2 or 3x3 squares before cutting your parts