New from SW Washington

I ordered my table months ago and finally getting around to steering it up. Been collecting parts to be successful.

Running a hypertherm45 with a machine torch, bought a machine torch mount for my table. Looks like I’m still missing the cable to wire to the CNC port on my plasma cutter.

I also bought the water tray with mine but the salt holders are not designed for use with the water table. Doing some reading I might change to a leveling style slat table some people have made.

My biggest hurdle right now is I didn’t receive the lead screw nuts with my hardware so I emailed Langmuir to see what will happen with that.

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Welcome to the gang! LS will take care of you. You didnt get the L shaped slat holders with your water tray?

I didn’t, but they did help me today with a couple questions and are sending me the correct slat holders.

I should be in great shape to try this out by the end of next week.

I’m not in a rush, so I’m easing into it and trying to set myself up for success. Already done some upgrades before even getting started.

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