New from S.W. Indiana

been looking at the Crossfire with the XL kit and water pan for about 3 years and FINALLY ordered it Jan 8,2022 now waiting for it to come. I would like to do some upgrades before I use it , such as : water drain ,lower shelf and leg supports. I have a machine torch with a longer lead on its way. Any other upgrade/modifications should I do?

THC…it is a game changer…

Welcome to the forum! What plasma cutter do you/will you have to go along with your Crossfire?

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Tom always has the best questions…

I got a cheap one [ PlasmArgon 60P] from EBAY, it is a low frequency plasma that is CNC capatible. I fired it up a couple of nights ago and it cut through 3/16 steel with no problems


I could not find a manual yet to post.

I am a little suspect of the compatibility with the Langmuir.

Please let us know how it does end up cutting.

this concerns me…even though it cuts metal does not mean much…the fact it is CNC compatable only menas it can be used with CNC…but Langmuir tables can not use frequency start plasma cutters…the fact you bought one that says “low frequency” is a concern.

if there is no manual starting it is blowback start…then I would be very hesitant to use it on the table,…you could blow the electronics box…

the plasma cutter is the key part of the table…going off-shore cheap could end up causing you more problems than you want.

red flags…
no manual available or can be found on-line
no duty cycle time…means you have no idea how long you can cut before it needs to cool down
all the details available are poorly translated
does not tell you what type of torch in provided…

this to me is like going to the Indy 500 with an amazing car but you have a lawnmower engine in it…

makes my spider sense tingle…

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The consumables (torch elements) that @TinWhisperer shows in the photos above don’t look like blowback electrodes (which use the initial air pressure to push them back from the tip to create the initial arc). So, I have to agree with @toolboy (which really hurts…), I’m thinking this might not work with the Langmuir system.

Our resident expert on Plasma Cutters, @mechanic416 might be able to make a more reliable determination.

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that is 1 for 2022…almost to my record of 2…whooohooo…11 months to go and I might beat my record…

The consumables are the blowback type nothing like what is show here. I have different plasma cutter that takes the ones shown here, and it is a high frequency cutter

You should see if you can post a picture of your torch.

I’m surprised they wouldn’t advertise it as a blowback start.

The advertising I’ve been reading advertises it as a pilot arc start.

Must be a different model?

Plasmargon 60p

Plasmargon 60pi


See if you can find and post a copy of the manual.

It would sure be great if you could run this without interference issues.

I managed to find their website…

right on the first page of this model…

you can not use this with the table…sorry

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At 1 minute and 40 seconds there’s a pretty good explanation.

It goes into

high frequency start

Pilot arc

blow back

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Good find and at 4:14 it shows how you can tell if it is blowback by testing that the electrode is spring loaded.

Just because it has a blow back torch does NOT mean it is NOT a high frequency start plasma cutter.

There are a lot of plasma cutters coming from China that are HF start but using a block torch. This is confusing a lot of people into buying them because they think its a low frequency plasma cutter.

One of these plasma cutters is the REAL GEAR 60 amp unit with the SL60 one torch. I also have one that is a 45 amp unit I was sent as a test unit with a S45 torch on it.

Thanks for all of the info on that cheap plasma cutter, main reason of getting that was they TOLD me it was low frequency. I’m going to send it back . I stopped in Harbor Freight this morning and got the Titanium Plasma and got it for 25% off. This one is approved to use on Crossfire

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we are always here to shoot peoples balloons…or provide help…depending on how you look at it…

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If you have problems with Titanium 45 let me know.
I have been using mine for two years now on my Crossfire pro no issues with it. I bought the X45 machine torch from plasmadyn .

Well I would have gotten the Primeweld Cut 60 or a Everlast 62i over the HF Titanium 45.

But that is your call on that.

I have a 62i and I like it very much…