New from Queenland Australian

Hello to all My name is Frank and looking for would to purchasing a Plasma CNC soon .
First I am doing some research to see what do I need as what i want may be not what I need.
Thank you
Regards Frank

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Welcome Frank
With the search function you can research just about as much as your time permits.

Just about everything you can think of has been covered at some point.

Happy researching!

That helps, why did I not think of that? :thinking:

Ironically this post from 2 years ago comes up when you search “Australia” about using the search tool. search tool inception.

@40Frank Welcome to the forum. Some users from Australia on the forum here, maybe you can hook up a look in person.

Hello all
Thank you all for the welcome I hope In can help as much as I receive help.
Have a good day.

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Hi Frank
Im from Queensland and had the Pro shipped over. Everything arrived okay and was well packed. Im using the Unimig Razor 45. The main challenges were wiring the THC and Torch fire. The US version is the Razorweld 45 which looks to be exactly the same as the Unimig Razor 45 but the American version is 110v and requires rewiring to 240v, i am not sure what is involved with that as i bought the Australian version. The Australian Unimig Razor 45 does not have the plug and play options and requires wiring the THC if ordered, and the Torch fire control. Both are quite simple but require removing the plasma housing and connecting wires. There are instructions for this, for a professional to do of course. My plasma is working fine, i just have to get my air right for humid and hot conditions which i am working on now. You will need a decent compressor and a good air filter and dryer set up.
Either way it is not straight forward for us down under but still a good purchase. Contact me if i can be of help.


Hi Gecko
How long have you had your pro for ?.
I am still looking to see if i purchase from overseas or see if i can find something here.
We live on Sunshine coast so need some thing good to work with.
It sounds like you had to do a lot of work to get set up with the plasma cutter.
How thick a plate have you managed to cut so far.
I have a big compressor and have good filtering as we do Car resto and spray painting but in saying that I will place extra filters on the plasma cutter lines when we get set up .
I am looking at the toilet roll type filters to fit and the ones with the beads that change color.
For now trying to get as much information and try to get it as write the firs time as I can.
Just wish they had a dealer or even a Manufacturing Plant here in Auzz