New from Michigan

My name is Mike and I own BOSSfab LLC which is a fab shop I run out of my 600 sq ft garage just north of Detroit. Some of my customers include major automotive manufacturers, steel mills, and a few local shops that I manufacture parts for almost completely in house. I purchased this machine so I don’t have to switch my 4x4 cnc router table back and fourth and the greater majority of what I send out can be cut on a 2x2 table. I am looking forward to receiving my new machine and sharing my experiences with it. I am sure there are many others like myself on here but I also offer design services at my shop labor rate.


Welcome to the gang. Im sure for the $$$ you will enjoy it and pay for its self in no time.

I’m also from the Detroit area, thinking about purchasing one of these. Would like to see one in person running if that would be possible.

I wouldn’t mind sending a video of whatever you’d like to see. If you have prior design and cnc experience it is extremely easy to use. If not there will most definitely be a learning curve. I finished building my machine Saturday and ran a couple test pieces, a two piece job, and a 50 piece job that put 100 .375” holes in .1875” mild steel. Still on the original consumables (Everlast 50s)

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I know this is old, but just joined and saw you’re from MI, also. I’m from the west side, though. Going on a year, what are your thoughts on your table now?

I’m looking at getting one in the next couple weeks. I’m in lower mid Michigan. Would love to see an actual video of this also.

Here you go! I’m 8 months into this thing and still loving it! It has paid for itself several times already…