New From Central NY

Just started looking into CNC plasma tables, I currently work as a CNC programmer in a machine shop and have used GIBBS to do all my programming (15 years). Just wondering how the software differs ? I know its a “generic” program so to speak compared to programming 4 axis mills from what I have seen. I am going to use the table as a hobby more or less but may get into some small production work. I also see there is a few owners close by to me ( I am just north of Syracuse) and will be reaching out because I’d love to go and see the machine in person and hear from a local user.

Im just outside of Albany if you cant find anyone closer.

Awesome thanks, I know there is a guy in Syracuse but I don’t know if he uses the forum much. What do you use for a laptop?

I just found a $300 computer on amazon that had a review from guy saying he uses it for the same thing and it works fine. If your only using for cad and mach 3 it doesnt need to be a high dollar machine. After awhile the majority of disk space will be taken up by files both DXF and gcode and those can be on an external device.