New from Central Arkansas (Plasma choices)

Well after years of wishing I could get a plasma table, we ordered the Pro last week. Did not get the THC for now. Been reading here for a long time and the only question I have right now is which plasma to buy when the table gets here. I get the consensus that the Hypertherm is the best but also have seen some people using the PowerPlasma 62i with good results. I am a buy once cry once kinda guy but an extra $1000 is a hard pill to swallow after buying the table. I do not see myself cutting much thicker than 1/4" - 3/8" and think thinner stuff for signs and wall art will be my main use to help pay for the table. I am looking at getting either of them with the machine torch as I have an old Cut50 for any hand-cutting I may need to do.

Welcome. I was in the same boat you are in. I’m a firm believer in buy the best you can afford at the time. Also support is a big deal, not just from the manufacturer but from here and other social media sites. I see a lot of questions and “problems” (some user error some not) with the Razor cut. Not saying its a bad machine at all. I saved and scrounged up enough for the hypertherm 45xp and very glad I did.

Some things to consider when selecting your cutter is
1: Availability. I had to wait nearly 6 weeks after I ordered mine
2: Consumables. Where you can get them, Price, Quality
3: Are you going Machine torch or Hand torch?
4: Price
5: Cut Chart availability and accuracy
6: Where to buy machine ( I actually bought mine local and their prices were competitive)
There are more to figure out as you go also but if you can answer these, then you should be pointed in the right direction.
Side note: Don’t know very many, if any, people who bought a Hyperthern and wished they went with the cheaper machines. Good luck with you decision.


Welcome! I have the Everlast Power Plasma 82i (the thing is a beast) and have had no issues with it at all but I will forewarn you, the divided voltage port is harder to hook up and it is easier if you hook direct to the terminals on the machine for RAW voltage, you can still use the CNC port for the torch fire hook up. There are all kinds of discussion on the forum and photos. If you go with the Everlast and need help just shout out! I’m also in central Arkansas (Benton) where are you located?

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If you’re going to be doing a lot of 16ga or thinner (maybe even 14ga with a Pro), then THC is highly recommended. If the material doesn’t lie flat then you can’t cut anything bigger than 12" without having too much cut height variation. Over 48" of material you’ll easily vary more than the cut height.

Up near Cabot in Austin.

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Thanks for the response. I will probably add the THC at a later date.